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Thi Online CÂU BỊ ĐỘNG 1

Trong khóa: Pro S: Luyện thi THPT Quốc Gia 2019

Giáo viên: Cô Phan Điệu

Học phí: 400.000

Đăng ký khóa học: Đăng ký

Choose the correct answer:
Câu 1. We can’t go along here because the road __________.
A is repairing B is repaired
C is being repairedD repairs
Câu 2. The story I’ve just read __________ Agatha Christie.
A was written B was written by
C was written fromD wrote by
Câu 3. I’m going to go out and __________.
A have cut my hair B have my hair cut
C cut my hairD my hair be cut
Câu 4. The man died because medical help was not summoned. A doctor should __________.
A be have called B been called
C be calledD have been called
Câu 5. Something funny __________ in class yesterday.
A happened B was happened
C happensD is happened
Câu 6. Many US automobiles __________ in Detroit, Michigan.
A manufacture B have manufactured
C are manufacturedD are manufacturing
Câu 7. A lot of pesticide residue can __________ on unwashed produce.
A find B found
C be findingD be found
Câu 8. We __________ by a loud noise during the night.
A woke up B are woken up
C were woken upD were waking up
Câu 9. How did that window __________? – I don’t know.
A get broken B broke
C got brokenD broken
Câu 10. Some film stars __________ difficult to work with.
A are said be B are said to be
C say to beD said to be
Câu 11. Last night a tornado swept through Rockville. It __________ everything in its paths.
A destroyed B was destroyed
C was being destroyedD have been destroyed
Câu 12. Vitamin C __________ by the human body. It gets into blood stream quickly.
A absorbs easily B is easily absorbing
C is easily absorbedD absorbed easily
Câu 13. Why did Tom keep making jokes about me? I don’t enjoy __________ at.
A be laughed B to be laughed
C laughingD being laughed
Câu 14. John__________ last week.
A had his house painted B had painted his house
C had his father to paintD had his house paint
Câu 15. Today, many serious childhood diseases__________ by early immunization.
A are preventing B can prevent
C preventD can be prevented
Câu 16. “__________ about the eight o’clock fight to Chicago?” – “Not yet.”
A Has been an announcement made B Has an announcement made
C Has an announcement been madeD Has been made an announcement
Câu 17. “Has the committee made its decision yet?”
“ Not yet. They are still __________ the proposal.”
A considering B been considered
C being consideredD considered
Câu 18. I might watch this programme. It __________ very funny.
A supposes to be B is supposed being
C is supposed to beD was supposed be
Câu 19. Do you get your heating __________ every year?
A checking B check
C be checkedD checked
Câu 20. Claude Jennings is said __________ his memory.
A to have been lost B to be lost
C to have lostD to lose
Read the passage and decide which answer (A, B, C, or D) best fits each space.

According to fossil fuel records, roses are over 35 million years old and they (1) _________ in China about 5,000 years ago. A Chinese emperor in the 6th century B.C. apparently had over 600 books on roses in his library, and oil (2) _________ from those grown in his gardens. However, only the highest members of society (3) _________ to use it. If anyone else was found with even a small amount, they (4) _________ to death. Roses were also popular with the Romans, who (5) _________ their petals as medicine, a source of perfume and as confetti at weddings.

Cultivated rose (6) _________ to Western Europe in the 18th century. Napoleon’s wife, Josephine, started a botanical garden near Paris where she (7) _________ all the known varieties of rose and encouraged the breeding of new ones. This (8) _________ to the flowers becoming increasingly popular, and in Britain at that time roses became so valuable that they (9) _________ as currency in local markets.

All roses in Europe used to be pink or white until the first red ones (10) _________ from China 200 years ago. These now symbolize love and are the world’s most common cut flower.
Câu 1. (1)
A were cultivated B were not cultivated
C did not cultivateD cultivate
Câu 2. (2)
A extracted B did not extract
C was extractedD was not extracted
Câu 3. (3)
A were allowing B were allowed
C allowedD are allowing
Câu 4. (4)
A were sentenced B are sentenced
C sentenceD will sentence
Câu 5. (5)
A were used B used
C were usingD use
Câu 6. (6)
A had introduced B were introduced
C are introducedD introduced
Câu 7. (7)
A had been collected B was collected
C is collectingD collected
Câu 8. (8)
A had been led B led
C was ledD was leading
Câu 9. (9)
A were not used B were used
C did not useD used
Câu 10. (10)
A had been arrived B did not arrive
C arrivedD were arrived
Read the passage and decide which answer (A, B, C, or D) best fits each space.
FOSSIL FUELS “Fossil fuels” is the term we use to describe coal, oil, and natural gas. These substances (1) _________ from the Earth to create energy from human beings. After being extracted, the products (2) _________ . This process changes them into usable forms like petroleum gas. This gas (3) _________ vehicles like cars and airplanes, and other machines in factories. It can also (4) _________ to create electricity. Consequently, fossil fuels are an extremely valuable natural resource. However, many environmentalists (5) _________ their use because it has a negative impact on the environment.

“Emission” from car exhaust such as carbon monoxide are very harmful to our healthy. Some scientists (6) _________ the emissions cause global warming. Scientists and politicians (7) _________ about continuing to use fossil fuels.

The fact is, we have no economical alternative to fossil fuels. We also have an abundant supply. It (8) _________ that at our present rate of consumption, our reserves of fossil fuels should last at least 300 years. Many countries’ economies rely only on the income which (9) _________ from the sale of their oil reserves.

Fossil fuels are in plentiful supply and relatively cheap and safe to extract thanks to the numerous advances in mining technology. We really do not have much choice to continue using them. Therefore, it is important that governments should have their oil reserves (10) _________ wisely and effectively.
Câu 1. (1)
A to be extracted B extract
C are extractedD had been extracted
Câu 2. (2)
A refined B refine
C are refinedD to be refined
Câu 3. (3)
A to be powered B powers
C was poweredD powered
Câu 4. (4)
A used B be used
C useD be using
Câu 5. (5)
A are condemned B to be condemned
C condemnD condemned
Câu 6. (6)
A think B thought
C were thoughtD to be argued
Câu 7. (7)
A will be arguing B argued
C argueD collected
Câu 8. (8)
A estimates B estimated
C is estimatingD is estimated
Câu 9. (9)
A generated B to be generated
C generatesD is generated
Câu 10. (10)
A exploited B are exploited
C to be exploitedD exploit

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