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Thi Online CÂU BỊ ĐỘNG 2

Trong khóa: Pro S: Luyện thi THPT Quốc Gia 2019

Giáo viên: Cô Phan Điệu

Học phí: 400.000

Đăng ký khóa học: Đăng ký

Choose the best answer to complete these sentences:
Câu 1. My wedding ring _________ of yellow and white gold.
A is made B is making
C madeD maked
Câu 2. If your brother _________, he would come.
A was invited B were invited
C were invitingD invite
Câu 3. References _________ in the examination room.
A not are used B is not used
C didn’t usedD are not used
Câu 4. Mary _________ in Boston.
A are born B were born
C was bornD born
Câu 5. My mother is going _________ this house.
A sold B to be sold
C to soldD to sell
Câu 6. There’s somebody behind us. I think we are _________.
A being followed B are followed
C followD following
Câu 7. Have you _________ by a dog?
A bite B ever been bit
C ever been bittenD bit
Câu 8. The room is being _________ at the moment.
A was cleaned B cleaned
C cleaningD clean
Câu 9. The road to our village _________ widened next year.
A is B will
C canD will be
Câu 10. Most forests in other climatic areas _________ by human beings.
A have already been affected B have already affected
C have already been affectingD had already been affected
Câu 11. The old man is said _________ all his money to an old people’s home when he died.
A to leave B to leaving
C have leftD to have left
Câu 12. Nobody was injured in the accident, _________?
A was there B was he
C were theyD weren’t they
Câu 13. Renoir’s paintings _________ masterpieces all over the world.
A had considered B are considered
C are consideringD consider
Câu 14. He was advised _________ singing lessons.
A take B taken
C takingD to take
Câu 15. Mr. Wilson is _________ as Wilie to his friend.
A knowed B knew
C knownD is known
Câu 16. When _________? - In 1928.
A penicillin was discovered B did penicillin discovered
C was penicillin discoveredD did penicillin discover
Câu 17. I don’t remember _________ of the decision to change the company policy on vacations.
A telling B being told
C to tellD to be told
Câu 18. The children _________ to the zoo
A were enjoyed taken B enjoyed being taken
C were enjoyed takingD enjoyed taking
Câu 19. A new bike was bought _________ him on his birthday.
A to B for
C withD on
Câu 20. His card needs _________.
A be fixed B fixing
C to be fixingD fixed
Read the passage and decide which answer (A, B, C, or D) best fits each other.

The first ever film (1) _______ in 1895 and the first commercially successful movie released was The Great Train Robbery in 1903. The end of the age of silent films (2) _______ by the success of the first “talkie”, the Jazz Singer, in 1927, and the arrival of color was added to the popularity of the cinema. Between 1930 and 1945 the cinema industry in the USA (3) _______ an entertainment factory which (4) _______ by Hollywood studios. But it (5) _______ that since the 1940s the most significant advances in cinema have been achieved elsewhere.

The British film industry (6) _______ after the war, but fewer films (7) _______ in the UK today, mainly because the money that is needed to finance them can’t (8) _______ easily. In the 1980s the home video recorder was invented and many people predicted the death of the cinema. For a few years audiences (9) _______ alarming and dozens of cinemas went out of business, but recently more people are attracted back to the cinema. It (10) _______ that this growth will continue and cinema can return to its golden age.
Câu 1. (1)
A made B was not made
C had been madeD was made
Câu 2. (2)
A marked B was marked
C had been markedD didn’t mark
Câu 3. (3)
A became B was become
C becomesD does not become
Câu 4. (4)
A did not control B controlled
C has been controlledD was controlled
Câu 5. (5)
A said B is said
C to be saidD says
Câu 6. (6)
A expanded B expand
C were expandingD had expanded
Câu 7. (7)
A make B made
C are madeD are making
Câu 8. (8)
A be found B be finding
C findD have been found
Câu 9. (9)
A are decreased B decreased
C did not decreaseD were decreasing
Câu 10. (10)
A was hoped B is hoping
C hopesD is hoped
Read the passage and decide which answer (A, B, C, or D) best fits each other.

My husband and I (1) _______ to learn Chinese a year ago. We have never been to China, but we want to go there next year. We (2) _______ to have lessons and we have been practicing with a private teacher for three months. We (3) _______ some homework to do every week. Many exercises come directly from the workbook but many of them (4) _______ from the internet too. The teacher is very strict. He (5) _______ our exercises every week and exercises that (6) _______ will be returned to us with bad comments. I often start mine after I get back home from work at night. I (7) _______ that my grammar isn’t very good yet, but while I was reading my course book I recognized a lot of Chinese characters so I think my vocabulary (8) _______. My husband often works late so he can’t study much, but he is having a few days’ holiday at the moment so can do a bit more. Our teacher says that we (9) _______ a lot since September. We were pleased when he told us that! Before we started having lessons we (10) _______ any Chinese at all.
Câu 1. (1)
A were decided B had decided
C decidedD have been decided
Câu 2. (2)
A advised B had advised
C are advisingD were advised
Câu 3. (3)
A give B were given
C are givenD gave
Câu 4. (4)
A are downloaded B download
C are downloadingD will download
Câu 5. (5)
A corrected B corrects
C is correctingD is corrected
Câu 6. (6)
A are not completed B are completed
C completeD do not complete
Câu 7. (7)
A do not know B know
C am knownD was known
Câu 8. (8)
A was improved B is being improved
C improvesD improving
Câu 9. (9)
A are learnt B have learnt
C are learningD were learning
Câu 10. (10)
A have spoken B had never spoken
C have been spokenD speak
Read the passage and decide which answer (A, B, C, or D) best fits each other.

A typical day of a solider (1) _______ on his assignment. During peace time at a permanent army post, the bugler sounds reveille at 5:30 or 6 a.m to awaken the troops. After roll call, the men wash, shave and go to the mess all for breakfast.

Next they (2) _______ ranks for drill. They practice various marching routines and the use and care of weapons. Other men (3) _______ housekeeping details. The cooks begin their work long before reveille. The first sergeant and company clerk (4) _______ the administrative duties and paperwork of the unit. The mess sergeant (5) _______ the cooks. The supply sergeant cares for and issues clothing and equipment. Each Saturday, the unit commander inspects the entire company.

Drill (6) _______ by 11 a.m. After dinner at noon, the men return to their jobs or training. All day and night, some officers and men are on guard duty. They (7) _______ at warehouses, motor pools, storages and depots, and around the perimeter.

Parades and reviews sometimes (8) _______ in the afternoon until about 5 p.m. After supper, soldiers (9) _______ special duties may do as they please. Most army posts have recreation buildings called service clubs. Each company-sized unit has a clubroom called a dayroom.. Men who do not have permission to stay out must be in their barracks by 11 p.m and lights must (10) _______.
Câu 1. (1)
A depends B depended
C does not dependD is depended
Câu 2. (2)
A form B are forming
C do not formD are formed
Câu 3. (3)
A are cared by B being cared
C care ofD are caring
Câu 4. (4)
A are looked after by B look after
C are looking afterD looked after
Câu 5. (5)
A supervises B supervise
C is supervised byD is supervising
Câu 6. (6)
A complete B have never completed
C is usually completedD is completing
Câu 7. (7)
A post B are not posted
C are postedD are posting
Câu 8. (8)
A take place B took place
C are taken placeD is taken place
Câu 9. (9)
A not assigned B are not assigned
C assignedD assign
Câu 10. (10)
A turn off B have been turned off
C be turned offD be turning off

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