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There are (1)____________ things I like to do in my free time. They are my hobbies.
The hobby I like most is playing (2)___________guitar. My uncle, who is an accomplished guitarist, taught me how to play. Now I can play a few simple tunes. I have even begun to sing while playing the guitar, but I have not been very successful (3)_________this. My uncle tells me that all I need is to practice regularly and I should be able to do it. He is very good at (4)____________people singing with his guitar and I admire him very much.
Another hobby of mine is keeping fish. I have a (5)___________little glass fish tank where I keep a variety of little fish. Some of them were bought from the shop (6)___________some others were collected from the rice field near my house. They look so beautiful swimming about in the tank. I love watching them and my mother loves watching them, too.
I keep stamps, too. However, I would not call myself an (7)_________stamp collector. Actually, I just collect the stamps from (8)___________envelopes that my relatives and friends give me. Mostly I get local stamps. (9)________in a while, I get stamps from places like Russia, the USA, Britain, Australia, China and others. I keep the less common ones inside a small album. The common ones I usually (10)___________to others or if no one wants them I simply throw them away.
There are other hobbies that I indulge (11)__________for a while, but they are not as interesting as the ones I’ve been talking about. They really (12)___________me occupied and I am glad I am able to do them.

A. avid

B. addicted

C. interested

D. all are correct


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