Cultural exchange programs give attendees an opportunity to glean deeper into the diversity of cultures and history arou?

Families play a significant role of cultural and traditional values into children at a young age.

Our topic today is about ways to create a reading in your school.

Our aim was to a culture of innovation at all levels in the company.

There were deliberate attempts to develop elements of both high and culture in music, poetry, dance, and games.

Alsatians and boxers, by professional trainers, can be both guard dogs and pets.

I managed to translate most of the letter for you, but I on one or two sentences.

Her picture on the front page of the newspaper was taken in London last summer.

After of the reasons for her arrest, she was taken to the police station.

As they remembered about the danger of getting lost in the forest, the tourists closely followed the tour guide.

Jane would never forget first prize in such a prestigious competition.

Once in large quantities, these products will be more affordably priced.

The Complex of Hue Monuments was the first site in Viet Nam as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Trees in the storm have resulted in several accidents.

Martha, in the inner city, had never seen a cow before.

The children don’t go far home.

There were ten of us children in the family, and we were all greedy attention.

Craig was always quick Math, but he had trouble with reading and writing.

She's very patient young children.

The terms of the agreement are favourable both sides.

He was proud himself for not giving up.

I was fortunate having a good teacher.

American English is significantly different British English.

She gave up German in order to concentrate her French.

I'm surprised you, behaving like that in front of the kids.

Over a hundred Embassy staff and their families that there was no danger.

If so many people about it, how do you want to keep it secret?

Mr Linn has never reappeared in the town since the day his house to the ground.

A small candle brightly but I could hardly see the man’s face in that room.

I try to keep up with what in the world.

One of the men was lying on the ground after down by a piece of rock.

All theories from practice and in turn serve practice.

Where have you been today? I've been trying to contact you all day.

Love doesn't consist gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.

The children are too familiar their teacher because he is not serious.

There may be serious problems if we don’t find the box containing the poison. All we know at present is that is disappea?

Films of violence on television until after 9.30 at night, the time when the majority of children to bed.

Because James to physical work, he after he had spent a week on the farm.

She in charity work.

People need to the need for a new system.

Trong không gian $Oxyz,$ cho mặt cầu $\left( S \right):\;{\left( {x - 1} \right)^2} + {y^2} + {\left( {z - 2} \right)^2?

Trong không gian $Oxyz,$ cho mặt cầu $\left( S \right):\;{x^2} + {y^2} + {z^2} - 36 = 0$ và mặt phẳng $\left( P \right):?

Cho hàm số $y = f\left( x \right)$ liên tục và đồng biến trên đoạn $\left[ {2;10} \right],$ biết rằng $4f'\left( x \righ?

Có bao nhiêu số phức $z$ thỏa mãn $\left| {z - 3 + i} \right| = \sqrt 2 \left| {z - 2} \right|$ và $\left| {z - 1 - 2i} ?

Cho hàm số $f\left( x \right) = a{x^3} + b{x^2} + cx + d$ có đồ thị $\left( C \right).$ Biết rằng tiếp tuyến $d$ của $\l?

Xét các số phức $z$; $w$ thỏa mãn $\left| z \right| = 4$; $\left| {iw - 5 + 2i} \right| = 1$. Giá trị nhỏ nhất của $\lef?

Cho lăng trụ $ABC.A'B'C'$. Các mặt phẳng $\left( {ABC'} \right)$ và $\left( {A'B'C} \right)$ chia khối lăng trụ đã cho t?

Cho hàm số $y = f\left( x \right)$ có bảng biến thiên như hình vẽ dưới đây: Phương trình $\left| {f\left( {f\left( x \ri?

Cho hàm số $f(x)$ liên tục trên khoảng $\left( {0; + \infty } \right)$ và thỏa mãn $8f\left( {{x^2} + 1} \right) - \frac?

Có bao nhiêu giá trị nguyên của tham số $m$ để bất phương trình $\left[ {{{\log }2}\left( {{x^2} + 1} \right) - 1} \righ?

Cho hàm số $y = f(x)$ có đồ thị như hình vẽ bên. Đặt ${I1} = \int\limitsa^b {f(x){\rm{d}}x} ,\,{I2} = \int\limitsb^c {f(?

Có bao nhiêu số phức $z$ thỏa mãn $\left| {z + 2 - i} \right| = 2\sqrt 2 $ và ${\left( {z - 1} \right)^2}$ là số thuần ả?

Có bao nhiêu cặp số nguyên $\left( {x;y} \right)$ thỏa mãn $0 < y \le 2021$và ${3^x} + 3{\rm{x}} - 6 = 9y + {\log 3}{y^3?

Từ một tấm bạt hình chữ nhật có kích thước $12\,m \times 6\,m$ như hình vẽ. Một nhóm học sinh trong quá trình đi dã ngoạ?

Trong không gian $Oxyz$, cho mặt phẳng $\left( P \right):x + y + z - 3 = 0$ và hai đường thẳng $\left( {{d1}} \right):\f?

Cho hình chóp $S.ABCD$ có đáy $ABCD$ là hình vuông$,{\rm{ }}SA$ vuông góc với mặt phẳng đáy, $SA = 3a.$ Biết góc giữa $S?

Cho hàm số $y=f\left( x \right)$ liên tục trên $\mathbb{R}$ và có đồ thị như hình vẽ bên. Giá trị nhỏ nhất của hàm số $g?

But it was a reminder the supply of agricultural commodities at reasonable prices could not be guaranteed in the short-t?

Một tổ có $7$ nam và $3$ nữ. Chọn ngẫu nhiên hai người, xác suất sao cho hai người được chọn cùng là nữ bằng

His decision had been made on the spur of the moment.

Cho hình phẳng $\left( H \right)$ giới hạn bởi các đường $y = \sqrt x - x$ và $y = 0$. Quay $\left( H \right)$ xung quan?

Many people move to urban areas seeking for job opportunity as well as stable employment.

Until 1986 most companies would not even allow women to take the exams, but such gender discrimination is now disappeari?

Most of the world's largest cities are considerably smaller by the year 2000 than had been expected.

Without economic security and amid poor living conditions, crime is inevitable.

Trong không gian $Oxyz$, mặt phẳng $\left( \alpha \right)$ đi qua điểm $A\left( {1;2; - 3} \right)$ và nhận véc tơ $\ove?

Urbanization spurs a unique set of issues to both humans and animals.

Distinctions between rural and urban areas are also becoming almost obsolete in and around many major cities as economic?

Rapid urban growth has also brought a huge increase in the number of large cities, including many that have reached size?

Union Health Minister claimed that India’s COVID fatality rate is the “lowest in the world” at 1.11 per cent although In?

The quality of human resources in Vietnam has yet to meet the needs of society by many causes such as management capacit?

China vows to accelerate rural migrants integration into cities as new urbanization efforts

If you don’t this opportunity, you might not get another one.

Urbanisation is a process in which move from rural to urban area, enabling cities and towns to grow.

I suppose I was too to go to private school, but I don’t think about it much.

It’s ridiculous to think that we should passport and just let everyone go where they like.

Le Loi used the war, moving from little to large scale.

The lack of running water, and inadequate housing leads to deadly conditions in the slums in many cities in Africa.

Cho hình hộp chữ nhật $ABCD.A'B'C'D'$ có $AB = a\sqrt 3 ;AD = a$ ( tham khảo hình vẽ ). Khoảng cách từ $A$ đến mặt phẳng?

Our traditions make us who we are.

Cho số phức $z = 6 - 2i$. Mô đun của số phức $\frac{z}{{1 + 3i}}$ là

Slums are urban areas that are populated with substandard housing and very poor living conditions.

Trong không gia $Oxyz$, cho điểm $M\left( {1;4; - 3} \right)$. Gọi $I$ là hình chiếu của $M$ lên $Ox$. Mặt cầu tâm $I$ v?

The government of Vietnam has given to developing the digital industry, smart tourism, and agriculture by 2020.

Cho hình chóp $S.ABC$ có $SA = a$ vuông góc với đáy, tam giác $ABC$ vuông cân ở $B$ với $AB = BC = a$ (tham khảo hình vẽ?

It’s one thing having this law, but unless the police it, it’s useless.

Tập nghiệm của bất phương trình ${\log 2}\left( {2{x^2} - x} \right) \le {\log {\sqrt 2 }}x$ là

They hope to a cure for the disease.

Trong không gian $Oxyz,$cho hai điểm $A\left( {1;1;2} \right)$và $B\left( {3;1;0} \right).$Vectơ $\overrightarrow {AB} $?

The results showed that the relationship between the foreign direct in China and China's foreign trade development are ?

Từ một tổ có $10$ học sinh, có bao nhiêu cách chọn ra $5$ học sinh và sắp xếp $5$ học sinh đó vào một ghế dài ?

It warns you that the mask, above, needs replacing after as little as 90 hours if used in a densely polluted area.

Since the number of people aspiring for jobs is more than jobs available, is a natural outcome of situation.

Giá trị lớn nhất của hàm số $y = {x^3} - 2{x^2} - 7x + 1$ trên đoạn $\left[ { - 2;1} \right]$ bằng

Tiệm cận ngang của đồ thị hàm số $y = \frac{{2x - 8}}{{2 - x}}$ là đường thẳng

Trong mặt phẳng tọa độ, điểm biểu diễn của số phức $z = 2 - 3i$ có tọa độ là

Hàm số $y = {2^{{x^2} - x}}$ có đạo hàm là

Trong không gian $Oxyz$, mặt phẳng nào sau đây song song với trục $Ox$?

Đồ thị của hàm số nào dưới đây có dạng như đường cong trong hình bên?

Many companies are required to reduce emissions and to adopt practices that provide for development.

Cho tứ diện $S.ABC$ có $SA = 2$ và $SA$ vuông góc với đáy $\left( {ABC} \right)$. Tam giác $ABC$ có diện tích bằng $6$. ?

Cho hàm số $y = f\left( x \right)$ có bảng biến thiên như hình bên dướiGiá trị cực đại của hàm số đã cho là

Hàm số $y = f\left( x \right)$ có bảng biến thiên như sauHàm số đã cho nghịch biến trên khoảng nào dưới đây

Công thức tính diện tích $S$ của mặt cầu có bán kính $R$ bằng

Tập xác định của hàm số $y = {\left( {x - 1} \right)^{ - 3}}$ là

Nghiệm của phương trình ${\log 3}\left( {2x - 1} \right) = 1$ là

Tích phân $\int\limits0^1 {{x^2}dx} $ bằng

Đồ thị hàm số $y = {x^4} - 2{x^2} - 5$ cắt trục tung tại điểm có tung độ bằng

Cho hai số phức $z = 1 + i$ và $w = 3 - 2i$. Phần thực của số phức $z + w$ là

Cho $a\,,\,b$ là những số thực dương; $\alpha ,\,\beta $ là những số thực tùy ý. Mệnh đề nào sau đây sai?

Nếu $\int\limits0^1 {f\left( x \right)} {\rm{d}}x = 2$ và $\int\limits1^5 {2f\left( x \right)} {\rm{d}}x = 8$ thì $\int\?

Một khối lăng trụ có diện tích đáy bằng $4$ và chiều cao bằng $3$. Thể tích của khối lăng trụ đó bằng

The report speaks of extensive environmental degradation caused by high population growth, rapid urbanization and fast ?

There has been a rapid of rural people to urban areas for jobs and better living.

Cho $a$ là số thực dương thỏa mãn $a \ne 10$; mệnh đề nào dưới đây sai?

Họ nguyên hàm của hàm số $f\left( x \right) = x + \sin x$ là

Họ nguyên hàm của hàm số $f\left( x \right) = {e^{3x + 1}}$ là

Mô đun của số phức $z = - 3 - i$ bằng

Trong không gian $Oxyz,$ vectơ nào là vectơ chỉ phương của đường thẳng $\left( d \right):\frac{x}{2} = \frac{{y + 1}}{{ ?

Một hình nón có bán kính đáy bằng $r = 3cm$ và độ dài đường sinh $l = 4cm.$ Diện tích xung quanh của hình nón đó bằng

Cho cấp số nhân có ${u1} = 2,{u2} = - 6.$ Công bội của cấp số nhân đã cho bằng

Hàm số nào dưới đây đồng biến trên ?

Trong không gian với hệ tọa độ $Oxyz$, cho mặt cầu $(S):{(x - 1)^2} + {(y + 2)^2} + {(z + 3)^2} = 4$. Tọa độ tâm của $(S?

Cho hàm số $y=f(x)$ liên tục trên $\mathbb{R}$ và có bảng xét dấu đạo hàm ${f}'(x)$ như sau:Hàm số $y = f(x)$ có bao nhi?

James may get into hot water when driving at full speed after drinking.

Jose had a hard time comparing the iPhone to the Samsung phone because to him they were apples and oranges.

Sorry, I can’t come to your party. I am snowed under with work at the moment.

My neighbors are really tight with money. They hate throwing away food, don’t eat at restaurant, and always try to find ?

Overpopulation in urban areas tends to create unfavorable conditions, which may result in shortage of food in developing?

There has been insufficient rainfall over the past two years, and farmers are having trouble.

During his time at University, Nelson Mandela became aware of the racial and injustice faced by non-white people.

Han Mac Tu is considered a of romantic poetry in Vietnam.

Han Mac Tu was part of the new poetic in Vietnam at the beginning of the 20th century.

Albert Einstein was essentially all to science meanwhile Leonardo Da Vinci was a at art, architecture, invention, and s?

Hughes is one of the most writers in American 20 literary history.

There has been rainfall over the past two years, and farmers are having trouble.

People are now far more than their predecessors years ago, they concentrate on their belongings.

The aircraft carrier is in naval operations against sea or shore-based enemies.

Marco Polo’s account of his travels has been to historians, it has significantly contributed to human history.

The minister for his rash decision to close the factory without any reasonable reasons.

She was unhappy that she a lot of her old friends when she went abroad to study.

Pollutant or should be treated before it is discharged into the river or ocean.

She was brought up in the of Leeds, where a lot of finance-disadvantaged people are living.

Hundreds of wells that provide to farmers have been shut down.

Many illnesses in refugee camps are the result of inadequate .

The assembly is enclosed in a thermally insulated and case to reduce its sensitivity to external temperature changes.

They hired extra police officers a big crowd at the concert.

Inflation is likely to this year, adding further upward pressure on interest rates.

The state of Michigan has endowed three institutes to do research for where producing goods.

The Ministry of Health has agreed the national football team quarantine for only seven days after returning from the UA?

South Korean Ambassador to Vietnam Park Noh-wan said the contest aims the public of both countries to join hands to win?

As such, Cuba is willing with Vietnam on vaccine supply and tech transfer to produce it.

Vietnam would cooperate with Cuba a Cuban Covid-19 vaccine after the Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals (IVA?

Should these return positive, they would need a RT-PCR test for confirmation.

Bac Giang and Bac Ninh continued in the number of infections, with 4,263 and 1,394 cases, followed by HCMC with 923.

Everywhere he went, he spent a little timedaily life and with locals, especially children whose smiles are central to hi?

The Irish are very enthusiastic horseracing.

The narrow roads were crowded holiday traffic.

As we get older, our bodies become less efficient burning up calories.

It will protect your pet injury and the possibility of getting loose if you are in an accident.

It contains fewer chemical pollutants, which asthmatics are often allergic , and so helps to prevent asthma attacks.

No, Barry had never meant to get involved Christine.

How much of the earth's surface is covered water?

Would you be interested a second-hand car?

He tries to keep his professional life completely separate his private life.

I feel very sad what has happened to your mother.

Students on a part-time course are not eligible a loan.

The writer suffered ill health for most of his life.

Manchester is famous its nightlife and for its football teams.

She feared she wouldn’t be able to cope two new babies.

The government’s actions are contrary the public interest.

You will be liable any damage caused.

He is still hopeful playing in Saturday’s game.

He persisted his refusal to admit responsibility.

Grants are available students who have high grades.

If I were you, I’d keep that area at night.

The rent was equal half his monthly income.

She's 85 now, but she will insist doing all her own housework.

I'm disappointed you—I really thought I could trust you!

He was a strong, vital man, successful and content his life.

From the moment of birth, a baby is exposed all the hazards in the external environment.

This dress will be perfect the summer.

We get mad each other sometimes, like any family.

James felt more hopeful his future after his chat with his professor.

His back injury may prevent him playing in tomorrow’s game.

Is she serious giving up her job?

Hurry up or you’ll be late your train!

He did well there, putting his marksmanship to better use by becoming expert tiger shooting.